Let's get Tropical

wolfy / ovid / boris
xe/xem/xyr or they/them
illustrator, background and prop artist, and character designer
lover of monsters, video games, and cartoons
gender nonconforming nonbinary trans guy, pan

organizer for Open Source Objects, hag-goblin fella, cryptic being, more powerful than god, haver of teeth

please do not follow if:
-you like pedophilia/incest/noncon/bestiality don't be a fuckin freak. yes this includes pokephilia

-you defend anyone who likes or draws any of the above. Freak Apologism Is Being Okay With Freaks

-are a racist/homophobe/transphobe/neo-nazi/bigot/et cetera or are fine with those who are

-associate with avery G0ATFAC3 in any way

-associate with lily princessremedy/pikabread in any way

-are under the age of 13, I don't feel comfy possibly influencing you in a less-than-ideal way

-buy into "cringe culture" and bashing people for just having fun publicly enjoying things they love without harming anyone or bein' Weird about it

-ship or kin real people. or just treat real people like fictional characters in general really. and yes, this includes youtuber kins

-are white and kin a PoC or PoC-coded character
if you don't have an about page I'm less likely to follow back
I might softblock you if you look like a bot or are Excessively Horny the latter makes me uneasy
if we're mutuals I'd prefer if you didn't soft/hardblock me or cut me off without telling me why but I understand if you can't

I make a lot of general talking posts and personal posts and sometimes I do art, which is mostly fanart! my Main Interest can switch very suddenly it can be a bit jarring to the unprepared

some stuff I like

touhou project
final fantasy (9 and 5 specifically)
object shows
indie games and rpg maker games
game design
character design
ace attorney
spyro the dragon
yo-kai watch
sea life
pathology and toxicology
I fuckin love mages too

I kin for fun and stuff I don't really take it too seriously I'm alright with doubles as long as you don't try to make it a competition or anything

primary kin

kedamono / plague knight / vivi ornitier

secondary kin

the lost / golf ball / wario
drawcia / xurkitree / commander peepers
dr. boris habit / plague doctor / paintmaster sheo

tertiary kin

alchemist cookie / harvey alibastor
tv fish

demons and big weird scary monsters
wolves and werewolves
NUDIBRANCHS, fish, deep sea life in general
plague doctors, and pathogens to some extent

borat voice my wives

I have a lot of them because I'm a genius with impeccable taste

please tag the following:

  • HEARTBEAT (rpg)

  • homestar runner

  • moldy or spoiled food

  • bug infestations/l*ce (please specifically tag this one as 'wolfy don't look' or 'WDL'